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Guía de Especialistas

Dra. Fátima Anadel Almonte


formally thank you for visiting our page. Where we give you information about our work and procedures available within the field of plastic surgery. Aiming to provide physical and emotional health through aesthetic processes providing beauty and symmetry, to our patients.

Our philosophy

Modern plastic surgery has opened doors to a new world of personal improvement. In these times human beings need not live with limitations in their physical appearance either by birth or other conditions.

The outward appearance should be a reflection of how each person feels inside and plastic surgery gives you a life for these two conditions coincide.

One of the goals is to provide our patients help to understand their goals and better understanding of plastic surgery procedures.

Dra. Analía Béjar

La Dra. Analía Béjar es cirujana plástica formada en Argentina y con estudios de especialización en centros de excelencia de Argentina y Estados Unidos.

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